Drugs in Punjab – The Hidden Story of Drugs and Punjab

After the launching of the movie Udta Punjab, everywhere there is news in the air regarding drugs in Punjab to describe drug problem in Punjab. But how many of us know about the reality & the history that how this problem occurred in Punjab?

For the purpose of knowing this ugly truth, we need to dig deeper & to see this issue from the root.

Opium Supply in Punjab

During Post Afghan war, which took place three decades before, at that time Afghanistan was a hub of opium under Taliban rule. Pakistan got indulged in the trade of opium due to considering that Afghanistan was a buffer state to train terrorists & drugs. Pakistan was against to India that is why its agencies started supplying drugs to India. The benefit of Pakistan behind it was to earn money & to hook Punjab people in drugs to bring down India.

At that time Congress was the ruling party & they were aware of the drug trade in India from Afghanistan, but they have not taken any measurable step. ISI, the Pakistan intelligence agency who are indulged in anti-India activities was trying to increase the population of drug addicts in India.

Currently, Pathankot attack took place that was pre-planned and masterminded by terrorists for the purpose of making drug smugglers enter through the routes of drug supply. Drug trade was hurting Punjab as well as India’s economy & also ruining the social unity of the state.

Heroin Supply in Punjab

To understand the heroin supply in Punjab we need to go through from timeline. Punjab Opioid Dependency Survey (PODS) was conducted by National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre, AIIMS, which reveals that most consumers of heroin belong from an economically weaker section, who are less educated and get meager income. Now we need to give a consideration to the trend of drug abuse in Punjab over the decades.

Before 2000, most of the drug addicts used opium. The government has taken action against opium traders, however, the action was taken late but it had created vacuum in the drug market. And the drug addicts shifted to pharma drugs & by 2007 most of the addicts started consuming pharma drugs & by 2012 this percentage was increased by 50%.

These drug addicts inject Heroin in their veins, By 2015, the percentage of Heroin consumers is increased by 90%. Delhi which is the adjoining state of Punjab was also getting a major supply of drugs & had greatly affected by it but still Congress Government hasn’t taken any proper step to get rid of this problem.

Congress government knew the seriousness & impact of this issue but still they remain quite as political parties are getting huge funding from the drug traders.

AAP Party & Congress Trying to Degrade Punjab People

India is facing such a big problem, but still, AAP & congress parties are branding Sikhs as drug vulnerable people for the purpose of their benefit and to show themselves clear from this big fuss. AAP and Congress parties who are claiming to bring changes in Punjab are actually the ones who are defaming Punjab people by calling them, Drug-Susceptible People.

It is not only the act of degrading but it is the lowest level cheap deed which has been taken place by any party in history. They just want to win the election that is why they are trying to target the opposition party, but targeting people is not a good practice.

Punjab drug addiction is not only the situation of this particular state but it is a nationwide problem and it should be tackled on a united front. Through cat-fighting with each other, it can’t be solved.

drugs in punjab

AAP party leader, Kumar Vishwas composed a song targeting Badal, Akali Dal leader for the purpose of creating a negative image of Akali Dal. This video has gone viral. When he asked regarding it, he said that he has not any motive of claiming any commercial or political party & said if even a single person stopped taking drugs he will become successful in his motive.

But the question is that what he wants to justify from this video, that present Punjabi’s are drug addicts? And if he so much concerned with the Drug Issue then why don’t AAP party runs anti-drug campaign rather than targeting Punjab Government. It clearly shows that they only want to win the elections through all these acts.

Congress is also silent on this matter. Punjab People have given their fair share to congress in the hope of better governance still, they have shamelessly joined with AAP for the purpose of defaming Punjab. It is ridiculous stunt done by AAP & Congress to influence any religious.

However, in a first-of-its-kind move, Amarinder has made all the promises. He has taken the Holy Gutka Sahib in his hands and taken the pledge of Guru Gobind Singh to take necessary action in this area. Punjab has given enough chances to Congress Government for the purpose of bringing changes but what have they done? Good for nothing in this area, but degraded the Punjab people.

AAP & Congress both are the two sides of a coin. AAP has made hoax promises with Delhi youth & has become Chief Minister of Delhi. He has shown worst governance in the capital of India in a year time period & when he saw the situation of ground losing AAP party has turned their face towards Punjab whereas Congress has played with the emotions of Punjab for years, Punjab water distribution & entrance of terrorism has taken place under their rule.

Moreover, farmers have gone through worst condition under the Congress rule. Sikhs are the symbol of bravery & have fought for years and they are the one who progressed even in harshest conditions after all these scandals & scenario created by AAP & Congress what respect Sikhs had left as these crooked leaders by branding them as drug addicts.

Due to political wars Drugs has become an intense issue between all political parties. And Youth of Punjab is suffering in all these affairs as they are labeled as drug addicts. The government is playing a role of moot spectators who are responsible for clearing all these messes.

Drug Addiction in Delhi

AAP party members are busy in allegedly financing a movie which is depicted towards Punjab as a state of drug users but not taking a step with a police force to take efforts to tackle this situation. The question is from AAP party is that had they taken any steps to tackle drug situation uses among the children in Delhi.

As a Chief Minister of Delhi, he needs to take action rather than defaming any state, religion or political party. There are lots of facts which show that Punjab is the second highest state in India for narcotics seizure which shows that Akali Dal has been taken huge consideration on this subject.


In Delhi pharma drugs are the latest trend of drug addiction & illegal trade of pharma drugs has taken place in Delhi due to huge profit margin involved in the smuggling of such products. Nowadays Delhi is a place where medicines from the main wholesale markets in various states, like – Bangalore, Chandigarh, Patna, Mumbai, Lucknow, Indore etc. are diverted for the purpose of storing them in godowns & most of them are used as a supply of drugs.

Now a new breed has emerged in Delhi of urban junkies who are the synthetic drug consumer which have a potential of mind-altering amphetamines, LSD & ecstasy which are pocket-friendly prescription & are easily available over the counter of medicine. This drug boom in the capital of India shows poor law & the real situation in Delhi.

Moreover, Narcotics divisions are afraid of prosecuting against the culprits due to AAP Government as you never know when they will get a target of ‘dharnas’ for doing this kind of job. In fact, Delhi is the biggest hub of drug smuggling. Even a dealer has reported that they carry fake bills and they just need to pay a few hundred notes to the policemen at check-posts. Narcotics, customs, and DRI department officials are the one who takes the major amount of money.

Like if they caught a truck which is carrying a material worth Rs 2 crore then they will not be happy less than an amount of Rs 25 lakh. It is the true situation of Delhi & not only Delhi but the real situation of India. All these facts show only a mere gist of Delhi & drug problem in Delhi & what AAP party is doing in this scenario, just pointing out Punjab people & throwing stones on the image of Punjab, shouldn’t he need to take any action in Delhi rather than pointing out their finger towards Punjab?.

But if we see inside the Punjab, Akali Dal has taken lots of actions against drugs. The Punjab police, BSF & SSOC have seized more than 200 Kg of Heroin from the border areas during transportation. In this scenario, AAP party needs to highlight their own failures and need to work-out for the purpose of making Delhi clean rather than abusing Punjab.

The Hidden Story Behind Drug Addiction in Punjab

It is a question of every individual & Government that – is drug addiction a problem related to a state, city, religion, community or a person? If not then why Punjabi’s are in the target of AAP & Congress Government? In Punjab assembly polls around the corner, AAP party has declared Punjab as a ‘Heaven for Drug Users’. After getting failed in the SYL Canal issue AAP party has started their campaign against Punjab by abusing it in the name of drugs.

According to AAP party, Punjab people are so much involved in drugs that they are even not able to stand straight & can cast their vote to the right party but what about Delhi & what step AAP party has taken to make Delhi progressive? Moreover, is that a situation of blaming each other or to try to solve this problem for the growth of the country? These are the people who are a government of our country & they can be seen so selfish in this scenario that they are not trying to understand public problem & only indulge in their personal welfare.

Sure Signs of Progression of Drugs Addiction in Delhi

There are some facts, which shows the evidence of drug addiction situation, in India’s capital or so called Delhi.

  1. Kids of around 13 years are found indulge in the drugs in our capital, especially the street kids.
  2. In Delhi, there is an organization called CHETNA, which works for the cause of children. During the survey of CHETNA, it was found that out of 1.5 lac to 2 lac street children in the capital, almost 80% of kids are involved in drugs.
  3. Ganja, heroin, and other hardcore medical drugs are being openly sold, purchased & consumed by the college students in the college campus.
  4. The Capital has become the major hub of pharmaceutical drugs and unlawful trade is taking place in the surrounding.
  5. The drug is easily available to the people at the cheapest which has increased the consumption & has involved the huge number of youth of Delhi in it.
  6. Delhi Government is not found in taking any considerable action in this direction.

Why Only Punjab is Abused For Drug Addiction

Drugs addiction is not a new problem for India but currently it is expanding at a huge pace. India is sharing its borders with Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh which has made involved India for drug trafficking. This terror is not only a terror which is being exported across the border but also it is a curse which is coming in Punjab by digging tunnels. That is why drug trafficking has been growing. Also by inserting the pipes through border fencing other countries are supplying drugs in India.

However, Punjab Government has been active & has increased Border Security Force as Akali Dal is very much concerned of Punjab youth. Moreover, Punjab Police also has been taking active participation in seizing of such drugs. Punjab police have gone up from 64 Kgs to 324 Kgs from 2011 to 2014 for the purpose of seizing drugs along the border. This shows that Punjab Government is taking a considerable approach in the direction of minimizing the drug addiction in Punjab.


As per the survey, it was found that the teenagers of Karnataka and Meghalaya have shown the most incidents of drug & alcohol addiction. In Meghalaya, the highest rate of Tobacco consumed by the children. After that Nagaland, Sikkim, Uttaranchal, Delhi & Goa take place respectively in the highest consumption of Tobacco by children in India.

According to Narcotics Control Bureau, Mizoram is on the top of the list where drugs were seized by 48,209 tons over the past four years, whereas Punjab has seized 39,064 tons during the same time period. In the past four years, 64,737 drug-trafficking cases have been reported in which Punjab has tops on the list with by registering 21,549 cases over the same time period.

All these reports shows that drug problem is not only the problem of Punjab but it is a problem of most state of India, then why Punjab people are on the target of political parties & if we see the facts we will able to understand Punjab Government is taking considerable steps against drug addiction whereas AAP party is busy in defaming Punjab.

Mizoram, Manipur, and Punjab are the states of India where drug addiction rate is highest. The reason behind it that these states are sharing international borders and that is why these states become international drug-trafficking zones, like – “Golden Triangle” (Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos) and “Golden Crescent” (Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan). In this situation, India should unite & try to fight with this problem rather than fighting with each other & just working for own political growth.

But in the case of AAP, it is worthless to make them understand their responsibility. AAP has created a media circus against Punjab, but what about Delhi, why AAP does not try to look inside Delhi & the issue of drug addiction in Delhi youth openly. Kejriwal has made lots of false commitment to the people regarding bringing clean government & to get rid Punjab from drug addiction, but have he taken any action in this way or just blaming Punjab is his only aim.

Instead of helping Punjab to solve this problem political parties are trying to point out Punjab for their welfare & playing a dirty game to win a ticket in the elections. Punjab is fighting against the drug import from south-west Asia for decades, however, no one has bothered till yet to take a call & to provide additional support to the state but when it comes to abuse Punjab every party is standing to abuse & pinpointing Punjab negatively.

The youth of Punjab are being characterized as drug addicts by AAP party but what AAP party’s comment towards the youth which comes from other states and is highly engaged in drugs party. Undoubtedly, a drug is death for future generations so it needs to be tackled head-on, but dealing this issue for political personal use is just disgusting.

However, BJP is neutral in this situation & not taking any action & nor commenting towards this issue as it knows the seriousness of this issue & also aware about that AAP & Congress has exaggerated this issue for their personal welfare.

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